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Be With MePS Beats (VAJ)
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Welcome to the music is life © education program of BeatzsMusic and VajitoDesign© Our goal is to bring people back to the source of our origins. "Music" research by Vincent Tolhuis has shown that the universe began at nothingness and through the will and belief in god, music was created as the first melody in the universe, connecting us all to a belief. This can be in yourself, but also in our creator. Furthermore, recent research has shown that a discovery has been made of the Proof of Infinite Life! The result, again performed by Vincent Tolhuis, confirms that the Biblical gates of heaven are a fact and that you never die! Unfortunately, science doesn't want to tell you how it works. However, we can confirm that since December 23, 2023, everyone has the option of taking out infinity insurance. Who wouldn't want eternal life! It goes even further than that, we are moving from the old healthcare system to the infinity system in the near future. In the past, until recently, it was always assumed that the science of medication was beneficial for improving health with the possible help of medication. Recent research by Vincent Tolhuis confirms once again that medicines have too many negative side effects compared to the purpose for which they are used and that it is therefore healthier to eat better and stop taking medication and to sleep well and rest. Then you never have to get (spirits) sick. Even exercising or dancing or even listening to your favorite music and not smoking makes a big difference to a better healthy life. But there is one big master key and secret that makes all this a success and that is: "Live in pieces, give love to society and believe in freedom" and believe in yourself or GOD" only then can you succeed. And live the dream of dreams.
Music is life or the melody of life is the reason why we have life© in the universe. There are a bit of differences in the way of thinking about how the universe is created. Many people on earth believe in GOD, ALLAH, BUDAH. VAJ (Vincent Tolhuis) took up the challenge to research the meaning of God and his dominance on people's faith as a non-believer.

VAJ's Theory was the Counterfusion (official name - Contrafusion (NL) Theory

- "Anything with the opposite direction in Balance with eachother!
So + and - = energy, man and woman = child and so on! He believed that this counterfusion is universal.
But if everyone believed in GOD the greatest, what is the counterfusion of GOD?
And VAJ as a non-believer said that I don't believe in GOD, but in myself or nothing.
So he was convinced that
the confluence of GOD is NOTHING.
Then the next question was: which came first! Nothingness or GOD? Like the egg vs chicken story?
Believers in GOD pray and pray to Him to be the first of all!
VAJ says that if the Darwin theory on earth is correct and that has already been confirmed, that biggThere must be started with smaller ones, because you have to grow to get bigger.
It means that first there was Nothingness and then GOD or Belief in God.
Because the Nothing is smaller, and god is the biggest LOL.

See my point here can't be the first! and create everthinh without the Nothingness.
So GOD exists that he markets his life tune in the universe to do the test of whether the personality is good and pure or bad.He who does evil gets evil and lives in hell, and he who does good gets infinitely good life. It is a gift from GOD, but be grateful to him and believe in yourself, that is the most important thing the melody is about. In fact, the entire universe is connected to the same single tune that has been evaluated in billions of tunes and continues to expand ad infinitum. YES universe is only going to get bigger!

BeatzsMusic and VajitoDesign© are keen to make it clear that schools of all levels should provide music education at every level. from younger to audults. This will be enshrined in law in the future, in order to continue to stimulate life.
It's time to stand still, we live in Piece with love and should be grateful for everything in life. Good luck to you all.


GOD vs VAJ: Who is the most intelligient and why? We'll explain!

Okay, what is the meaning of intelligent? We asked VAJ!? He says, for me there is a difference between being smart or being intelligent! People on earth mix it as one and bring it in a twist, but it'simple! Being smart is what you learn and read from the books, why being intelligent says something about what you experience in life! That's it.

So we asked GOD the same question! GOD, what do you mean by intelligent? God says you have to make people believe in you! He says: Worldwide, 33% of the earth's inhabitants believe in me! I'm the greatest! No one has ever seen me, but that's why I'm smarter than anyone else!

VAJ once again took up the challenge to convince GOD that he has EGO and that's not smart, it's about pure LOVE!

SO God says I'll rise to the challenge, your counterfusion has already defeated me,

Let's see if I can score right away or you win, let's see.

VAJ says you have 33%, but I'm going for everything, GOD that's not possible: SO HOW? VAJ says: Thank you GOD, I'll explain!

You can focus on people's faith with controlling their minds and the melody in the space you create. But I discovered an even bigger secret: don't fight me, but let them work together. The thing is GOD, I VAJ always connect the points of the whole body, from the beginning to the beginning and the end with the last cell which is the mind, the spirit and the sole. But you forgot!

0-1 GOD vs VAJ 

VAJ – My IQ is around 333 (say tree thirty tree) God yours is around 200, you see!

VAJ: GOD, I would like to explain why I have this large number and am more intelligent than you, GOD says: go on VAJ, I am curious now, what is your truth? OK. Here we go...

For centuries, no one has ever faced the challenge between you and your faith. correct GOD? Well some people doubted me, but correct, because I never send people to hell? VAJ: Okay, I believe your intentions are good! But why does the Bible, Torah, Koran or Buddha talk about it? I don't call that protection of human respect, you didn't protect?

GOD says: Oh my GOD VAJ, you clever, it's true, I should never talk about hell or the devil or evol or anything close to negative energy. it was part of my GAME to gain full respect for everyone on planet Earth. It was part of my system.

VAJ: Are there more people or GODS involved or did you do this on your own?

GOD: I have to convest VAJ, I fucking didn't do the triple check of respect! You got me!

VAJ: Well, a few things, but not much! The difference between us is only a small thing, but next time, think intelligently and not just smart! it's about the Start! Me!

Not ego, but you'll untherbeen and see what I mean! Let's go!

VAJ: GOD you where focused for centuries on 1 triangle theorie,

GOD: Correct. 

VAJ: but i created 3 For me and everybody.

So i hope you will untherstand what i'm trying to say it's: for you->


Is that correct GOD? Yes VAJ i created Space. ok thank you!

VAJ: Well here are mine 3! 

1. Nothingness - 2 GOD - 3 FILLING UP SPACE

2. Personality's - Music - Light

3. Protection - Love - Infinity Life

Tell me GOD who won!? LOL


Love you GOD


0-2 GOD vs VAJ




Dear GOD do you Give about Love? Cause, i realize if you are the creator of the universe and everything, plus the fact you did it on your own, you was always alone! then maybe love is someting you never got from someone before you started to create it, so now you know?! So That's why you got evil in our bibles and books and that's bad, but i got a new Theorie again lets check! Really? WOW tell us please...

There was GOD and everything was created in a split second of time... universe excisted for life. The stars, light, planets or even space. Yes we are thankfull on planet earth but why we need to follow or Chase? 


My new theory is that GOD created the universe but started in the future not the past. Some video's on Youtube convest there will  be an end! So the farther in time we get the smaller the universe and life wont excist to regret. that's the evil part and ego punishment of GOD and then VAJ say's  But i'll stop you hold on!


I created the nothingness and fight you the fullest with full respect.

I'll fight for infinity life till my dead, the the very very very end... YES.

So I'll try to build up something nice something to create, Personality's and dreams to make sure the living body's can see, feel and connect in space.

THE DIFFERENTS BETWEEN YOU AND ME! I'm positive loaded but your the negative minus and together we are the space energy. So My theorie is right again thumbs up for VAJ, But GOD This time you win. cause my theory confirms that's energie is from - to + but then we go from end to beginning! And we do not get infinity we do not excist!

Score 1-2 = GOD vs VAJ 

The God of the greatest wants to fight VAJ to equalize:

He says one more last fight cause i can't loose i'll always win! VAJ ok, Let's begin you are first God.

The Good Site Whatever it might be is that in the end whoever win's we will get infinity.

He says The universe is my Jungle and you can't see me so you can't not get me even when i loose. VAJ say's ok strong, strong fact! VAJ continue's, but we on earth can do the same we got an asset! GOD say's proof!

We on earth protect ourselfs from dangerous outher space also from GOD cause we can simulate the system!

GOD: NOOOOO  VAJ: Yes GOD and even then: i'm the Joker we use in cause if you think you'll catch us. and we travel back to the front or the end. I'll Make that jump in to space from 0 to 999 gates come on, cause GOD my JOKER is from HEAVENS on earth can you find me!! YOU LOOSE!!!!! GOD: Damn. so we casn't catch eatchother!? and that whey there will always be infinit life in universe.


Piece and Love, till infinity!

Score 2-3 = GOD vs VAJ 

Always WinVAJ
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